All wines can be purchased in the Tasting Room.
You can also check for a selection of our wines at your local store, only in the surrounding areas.
Check the distribution list at the bottom of the page for where you can find our wines in store.

To order wine online, scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the link to Vinoshipper. 


Crisp Dry WhiteCrisp citrus with a fresh straw Hue. Medium-bodied white with a balanced finish.

Semi Sweet WhiteFloral Aromas with citrus and honey flavors. Crisp Acidity.

Sweet WhiteFull of foxy flavors and fruity aromas, but just wait for the refreshing finish

RoseBlushing pink hue filled with aromas of cherry and red berry, making it put semi-sweet.

Heavy Dry RedDeep Garnet hues with a tangy, herbaceous nose. Full-bodied taste of toasty red fruit.

Light Dry RedPlentiful ripe fruits give a medium-bodied taste. Rich in classic ink hues.

Sweet Red Juicy fruit over a distinctive grape nose. Translucent, dark watermelon in hue.

Red BlendBeautiful blend of seasonal red grapes.

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